Celebration and Graph Paper

My sweet husband, Mr. AC, brought me some beautiful yellow lillies to celebrate getting published.  He is so sweet, and encouraging.  We went to Chili’s Saturday evening for drinks (the non-alcoholic kind) and an appetizer as well.  Yay for me!

I am beginning another magazine submission.  I had an idea early last week.  I drew a little and started swatching.  I had to tare out the second row several times to get it just right.  Then about 7 rows into it I decided I really didn’t like the center design element, so I started brainstorming and drawing some more.  I started again with a different yarn that I thought might look a little better.  A couple rows into it I had a flash of inspiration that would make it even better, so I drew some more.  Then I decided that I needed more paper to draw out a larger section of it.  So, with 6 sheets of graph paper all taped together, I drew out the design.  I went to bed around midnight that night with very little effective crocheting done, but with one great pattern to start on the next day.  Since kids keep me so busy, I’m still only on row 4 I think, but hopefully, it will be done in time to send in in a few weeks.

I see that 2 new followers have joined us.  I’m glad you’re here!  Don’t be afraid to speak up and join in the conversation anyone.  I’d love to hear from you!

Have a cheery day all!


3 thoughts on “Celebration and Graph Paper”

  1. Jennifer, I will post a response to your question tomorrow, if the girls will let me 😉 in a regular blog post. Suzanne, you know how sometimes you are going right along typing or writing and you write a word you've written a million times, but for some reason on that particular occasion you look at that word as though you'd never seen before and couldn't figure out how to spell it? Well, that's what happened with me when I wrote that word. I first wrote it “tear” and then stopped and thought and re-wrote “tare”. Well, that's when happens when you get your head too involved in things. Though, crocheting with wheat sounds like a neat idea.


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